You Belong Here!

We are so grateful you are considering your visit to Truth Church 2.0. Our Goal is to make you feel welcome and to communicate just how valuable you are to us. You are our Guest!!

In order to make your visit one to remember here are just a few things to keep in mind.

The main service starts at 10:30am and is typically concluded by 12:15pm.

 If you are attending with your children, there is a sign in sheet just inside the lobby of   the church. You may sign the children up for kid’s church, toddlers church or the baby nursery at that time. Our facility is a safe and secure place for children to have fun and learn about Jesus. If you would like a tour around the facility to know exactly where your children will be, just notify the front desk staff and we will be happy to assist you.

 Our services are very Passionate, Charismatic and Expressive. We want you to know     that when you attend Truth Church 2.0 our goal during our service time is to ensure that     everyone has an opportunity to have an encounter with Jesus. You may worship freely  and expressively at Truth Church 2.0

 There is no particular dress code for Truth Church 2.0. Please feel free to dress up or to attend in casual wear. There is a coffee bar located towards the front of the building, we         ask that if you wish to bring your coffee into the sanctuary to please add a lid to it.



Face mask, Hand sanitizers, and Wipes are complimentary for anyone attending services at Truth Church. We strongly recommend following all CDC guidelines when possible

Please be advised the mandatory face mask order does NOT APPLY to Truth Church or  the Members of Truth Church. Truth Church is NOT a PUBLIC BUILDING nor is it a BUSINESS. TRUTH CHURCH is a private RELIGIOUS organization also classified as essential in the State of Florida. Truth Church has established a Covid-19 response and   recommends following CDC guidelines for the safety and welfare of its members.

We encourage everyone to maintain 6ft apart while attending church and to sit together with friends and family you are attending with. Masks, hand sanitizers, and wipes are available.


We will not ask that a mask to be worn during church service or worship time, but will let every individual decide for themselves whether to wear one or not. We are also   asking everyone to make use of hand sanitizers that are located throughout the building. If you are experiencing any symptoms we ask that you remain at home and to please notify the leadership so that a member of our team can anoint you with oil and pray the prayer of FAITH over you.

Saint Lucie County Board of Commissioners and the Saint Lucie County Health department enacted a local mandate for the next 30 days requiring face Mask to be worn. Under the order, those in the area are required to wear face coverings in all public buildings and businesses, as well as in outdoor areas when social distancing cannot be observed.

Face mask must also be worn at indoor and outdoor restaurants at all times except for when “actively consuming food and beverages.”

Under the new order, those exempted from wearing a face covering are:

Children younger than 6 and any child in a childcare facility such as daycare, school,      

summer camp.


Anyone eating in a restaurant, receiving dental service or facial grooming.

Persons with medical conditions or disability.

Persons exempted for religious purposes.

Persons who are hearing impaired or deaf. Anyone helping someone who is hearing impaired is

allowed to temporarily remove their face covering.

Anyone exercising or engaged in outdoor work, who are social distancing.

Persons inside their hotel, motel or vacation rental.

First responders who follow personal protective equipment requirements governed by their own


Churches, synagogues, mosques, and other religious organizations are not considered public accommodations. However; when these facilities are rented out to the public for non-religious purposes, they become public accommodations during that period of use. Also, "private clubs" -- clubs that require memberships -- or where members must pay dues are not considered public accommodations. Besides these exceptions, the law interprets most public accommodations to include almost any business that is open to the public, especially in the context of enforcing anti-discrimination laws.